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At Logma, we have a dedicated core team working together to ensure that you receive the best possible service. Through our ongoing R&D projects, we are able to

We have been responsible for successfully computerising businesses both independently and on behalf of some of the largest business computer manufacturers in the world.

In 1978 we helped to pioneer the use of the microcomputer as a powerful business tool, by developing high quality software for the serious business user. Our packages and specialist software are trusted and relied upon by hundreds of their customers who have chosen professionalism.

Logma are at the cutting edge of technology when designing and constructing solutions for manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution and service industries. The ability to supply their own and ‘off-the-shelf' products across UNIX, NETWORK, WINDOWS and INTRANET environments means that Logma customers benefit from all that Data Processing and Information Technology have to offer in today's hi-tech environment.

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Mission Statement

We aim to provide a quality service that is right for all your business needs with the result that we, as a trusted Computer Infrastructure Provider and Supporter, deliver a high level of service - with the maintenance of a loyal and satisfied customer base being of critical importance to our ongoing development.

We continue to pursue excellence in everything we do, with Logma's products and services enabling us to deliver contracts for the support and development of all aspects of Commercial and Industrial IT contracts.

Cost Effectiveness
Ease Of Use
Customer Care and Quality

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The Complete Solution

You will find our software efficient, simple and easy to use - these are criteria on which all our systems are based. We are computer and business professionals who can understand and fulfill your total requirements, having the ability to bridge the gap often present between computers installations and the running of your business.

Our Customers

Our proven software has the recommendations of many long standing customers whose repeat business bears out the trust shown in Fresh Produce Systems


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